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The Wooden $ Dollar is designed to give you, the Buying Customer, discounts on ~ Food, Drinks, Entertainment and Services from local Participating Businesses. You can receive a Wooden $ Dollar when you make a purchase from any of the Participating Businesses. Each Participating Business can place an individual value on the Wooden $ Dollar for their Goods and Services such as: Buy One Get One Free. The Wooden $ Dollar has a QR code (shown below right) that can be scanned with your smart phone which will take you to the Wooden $ Dollar website giving you a host of Dining, Entertainment and Service locations to choose from! Once you're on our website, you're able to click the Participating Business' web address and link directly to their website to see their location, menu, specials and more! As the Wooden $ Dollars are redeemed for discounts at the Participating Businesses, the Wooden $ Dollars are then re-distributed by the Participating Business' management and wait staff to their Customers to be used again and again at any of the Participating Businesses. *Each Participating Business has the right to limit the number of Wooden $ Dollars used per visit.